Traffic Disaster

Travis Stedman, Journalist

It is common to hear “Stay Safe” right before hitting the road, but maybe it is time for people to start taking that saying more to heart. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) released data about the amount of deaths on Colorado roads. The results were astounding, the report found that death rates had gone up ten percent compared to the last year. In 2015 there was 545 deaths in car accidents and a record high 104 motorcycle deaths. 32 percent of the deaths were credited to driving under the influence (DUI). The other three factors were; distracted driving, speeding, and people not wearing seatbelts. According to CDOT 80 percent of people in crashes were not wearing seatbelts. In a interview with Maile Gray, executive director of Drive Smart Colorado, she said, “We can have all the laws in the world but unless people choose to do the right thing and protect themselves, people will continue to die on the road”. Contrary to Maile Gray’s statement, the city is trying to take action. CDOT is investing $3.5 million to organizations, law enforcement and other agencies for programs aimed at reducing crashes. So next time someone says “Stay Safe” think about your future actions.