Don’t Shed a Tear, Volunteer

Travis Stedman, Journalist

There is no better feeling than making someone’s life better. The Humane Society works to create that feeling as much as possible, by caring for unowned animals. Once an animal is brought in, the Humane Society makes it a priority to give the animal a better life by placing it in a loving new home.  However, aside from acting as an adoption agency, the Human Society also aims to improve the lives of shelter animals while they are still in their care.

Generally, the road to improving an animal’s life starts with volunteer services. According to Gretchen Pressley, the community relations manager , “the Humane Society could not have been successful without the help of their volunteers”. For anyone looking to volunteer visit the Colorado Springs Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region and click on the volunteer tab for more information. Some volunteer opportunities include being a dog walker or an adoption matchmaker. The only requirement is that you have to be at least 12 or older to apply for volunteer opportunities.

Thanks to all the help from their volunteers and the community, the Humane Society is now able to expand and renovate this year. The following improvements will be made: the cat adoption area will be enlarged in order to better showcase the cats, the animal receiving area will be enlarged in order to allow the shelter to house more lost dogs and cats additional space will be added to for animals displaced by community disasters, and the lobby will be renovated to improve customer privacy and efficiency. With an estimated 8.32 million dollar budget, the shelter hopes that these renovations will help improve the quality of life for the animals in their care.

Anybody looking to make a difference can head down to the improved Humane Society and make a difference in some furry friend’s life.