Powderpuff 2016

Kai Mann

She runs, and touchdown! On September 7th, Liberty High School had its annual powderpuff game at the District 20 stadium. The Juniors and Seniors went head to head on the field and on the sidelines. The two classes’ football teams, now made up of entirely girls, took the stage, running back and forth on the field, making defensive plays over and over. Meanwhile the cheerleaders, all boys in fashionable red or blue crop tops and shorts, led cheers and held performances, pumping up the crowd the whole night. The stands were stuffed to the brim, with the crowd raving as the air buzzed around them. Even in the senior class there were underdogs, betting on losing the game. Red on one side of the stands and blue on the other, no one knew what would happen, or who would win. After an hour of the game, the seniors took the win with a score of 8-6 surprising everyone. Each team had made one touchdown, the winning two points for the seniors being a safety. The game had been long and tiring, but no doubt worth the wait. capture