Life In The Future


Kai Mann, Videographer

Freshman future day was on Thursday, October 20th, a half-day for the students of Liberty due to parent teacher-conferences and upperclassmen taking practice tests. The freshmen were put into many different groups on this day and sent to different areas of the school to start planning their future. In the gym, videos about how to deal with bullying were being shown and team building games/activities were played, while other students in different places around the campus wrote ‘letters to a future self’ and created ‘what makes me happy’ cards for the freshmen to get back in their senior year. These letters and cards illustrated important things in the student’s life that they hope to accomplish or want to reflect on in the future. Groups also went to the LMC for their first try at planning their future on the Naviance site that Liberty uses. The students all learned about how to find jobs that interest them and that they can be successful in. They got to watch interviews with successful pros in each career under their interest lists. The freshmen all gained a better understanding of what to do to accomplish their goals and how to plan ahead. At the end the, freshmen left the school with a bigger understanding of who they wanted to be and their plans for the future.