Poetry Out Loud


A performer at Poetry Out Loud

Kai Mann, Videographer

Liberty’s poetry club is going to competition in 2017. Many of the students at Liberty high school may not be aware that we even have a poetry club because its one of our smaller and less known activities. However the club has been going to the Poetry Out Loud competition nearly every year. Poetry Out Loud is a competitive activity where poets from around the United States memorize 3 poems and recite them for a panel of judges. Each school has their own sub division of the competition to decide which students will be sent to the state finals. If a student wins state they move onto nationals, where they will compete for a scholarship.

The winner of the 2015 Poetry Out Loud State competition was Liberty’s own Jeana Lovett, who has since graduated. She preformed a piece about patriotism and placed first in the Colorado competition and moved on to nationals. The rule’s for the poetry competition are that one poem must be less than 25 lines, and one must be pre 19th century. Most competitors try to pick poems that they can relate to, since part of the grading is how well the readers understand the poem they are reciting.