Love Trumps Hate


Kai Mann, Videographer

The Women’s March spanned across America the weekend after President Trumps inauguration. The march started as an assembly in Washington D.C. to protest for minority rights, but with the mass of people that joined, it became more of a call to attention against bigotry and discrimination. People joined to fight for rights of all sorts, and to call attention to the need for a government that will protect all Americans equally. Elite daily news found the statistics on the marches; “At least 3.3 million people participated in the Women’s March across the US”, and over 500 marches were held. This march was the first in history to be held on all 7 continents, even Antarctica. From a student’s perspective the marches are inspiring and moving. Pictures and videos flooded social media and the event has made history. After calculating up numbers, it has been revealed that 3 times the number of people that showed up for President Trumps inauguration showed up for the march on Washington D.C.