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Pine Creek Basketball Game

Amanda Hoff, Journalist, Team Culture Leader

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The Lancers stormed their home court with an early lead. The stands were overflowing with students in a complete blackout. The energy from the crowd charged the atmosphere as they battled their archrival: the Pine Creek Eagles. It was an intense first quarter with a back and forth between the Lancers and Eagles.

The players tied the score at 18 by the end of the first quarter. Second quarter began with more back and forth and the game seemed to be locked in this pattern. Pine Creek pulled ahead at half time at 26 -30 Eagles.

The pep band played a fanfare for their Lancers. The cheerleaders delivered a spectacular performance and some future Lancers stood on the court with the cheerleaders.

Lancers battle back in the third quarter and bring the score back up to 40 – 39 Lancers, ushering in the explosive fourth quarter. The students chant battle cries and the game escalates into an aggressive match. Pine Creek lands two 3-pointers in a row and bring the score up to 44 – 50 Eagles at 4 minutes 20 seconds to go.

Liberty is back in the game but Pine Creek still fights back and holds the lead.

Liberty’s #5 Mo Damaron intercepts the ball and dunks it, bringing the score back up to 51 – 52 Eagles and the crowd go wild.

Fouls are the theme of these intense final minutes. Lancers land the lead at 1:59 only to have it stolen from them and pull ahead with 56 points.

Liberty ties it at 57 – 57 at 39.1 seconds and the crowd is screaming. More back and forth lands the Lancers at 60 – 59 and pull ahead with a final score of 61 – 59.

Pep band blasts the fight song and students flood the court with a red and blue sea of students to celebrate our victory.

We won!

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