Shoo, Flu!!!

Shoo, Flu!!!

Stewart Manning, Executive Editor

Deathly afraid of the flu? Humanity might have a solution.

Currently the influenza vaccine has proven to have a 48 percent effectiveness in preventing doctor’s visits dealing with the flu.

The Center of Disease Control released a report that details this claim in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. The data came from a group of 3,144 children and adults, 1650 were vaccinated. During the time of November to early February the group was monitored to see who sought medical treatment for their symptoms.

Although the vaccine has shown to have a 48 percent average success rate, the rate increased for children between 6 months and 8 years as well as adults age 50-64. For the younger patients, the vaccine was found to be 53 percent effective and for older patients, 58 percent effective. People ages 9-17 found it 32 percent effective, and ages 18-49 found it 19 percent effective,with ages 65 and older at 46 percent effective.

While the vaccine isn’t perfect, a 48 percent average is worth the small prick in the arm to potentially ward off catching the flu and the awful symptoms that come with it.