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Colorado to get a Hyper Loop?

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Colorado to get a Hyper Loop?

Travis Stedman

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Many Coloradans know of the infrastructure upgrades going on in Colorado currently, but there could be a new and unique one coming soon. Colorado was selected as one of 35 semi finalist locations for a transportation system that would run the same route I-25 does. The twist? This transportation will travel 700 MPH.  The Finalist will be announced this May to see which area will have the first ever hyper loop built.

The hyper loop was proposed by Elon Musk, the man responsible for SpaceX, PayPal, Tesla Motors and other successful companies. The hyper loop would work by having a vacuum in the tube and using  electromagnetic suspension, and on top of the tube would be solar panels which would provide the power.

According to calculations, the hyper loop would allow people to get from Colorado Springs to Denver in nine minutes, and from Fort Collins to Pueblo in only 19 minutes! This type of technology is groundbreaking and can open up endless possibilities. If the hyper loop works, there is possibility of commuting coast to coast in under one day, or people could live in one state and work a 9-5 job in another. The possibilities of this new technology are endless, and once again humans are showing their ability to innovate and keep on moving forward.


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