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Pluto Is Going To Be A What?


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That’s right, NASA scientists want to make Pluto a planet again. Pluto was called a planet from 1930 to 2006. Then, it was demoted to a “dwarf planet.” Alan Stern, the lead scientist with NASA’s New Horizon’s mission to Pluto noted that the IAU’s (International Astronomical Union’s) definition of a planet is too narrow and has proposed a new definition.  The definition is much more simple, planets are “round objects in space that are smaller than stars,” according to If this gets accepted by the IAU, it means that even the moon can potentially be classified as a planet. Some scientists claim that the current definition of planets is “inherently flawed.” They say this because the definition only classifies objects that orbit the sun as planets which excludes those that orbit other stars. Also, the current definition requires zone-clearing, meaning a planet must be big enough to pull neighboring objects into the planet itself or sling-shot them around the planet and shoot them off into outer space. Stern then explains that small cosmic objects constantly fly through planetary orbits. So the current definition may be changed and we will all have to relearn that there are nine planets in our solar system.

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