Priceless Lives: Take a Break

April 13, 2017

Priceless Lives: Take a Break

Spring break is coming up for us and that’s a good time to take a break and focus on yourself. There is only so much a person can handle and sometimes a break to just focus on yourself is needed. Caring for others is amazing, but sometimes a person forgets to take care of themselves and it is very important to take care of yourself. I’m not saying just drop your friends and family, but a person needs a break to just focus and strengthen one’s self. If a person isn’t helping themselves, there is no way a person can help someone else in need. In order to help a person in need, a person must be helping themselves and giving themselves a break every now and then. Without this break to focus, everything is chaos and no one is going to benefit from a person who is tired and worn out. Much love, Hailee.

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