Staff appreciation at Liberty


Kai Mann, Videographer

This week, May 8th through May 15th is Liberty’s Teacher Appreciation week, also known as Staff Appreciation Week. Our teaching staff here consists of about 100 teachers and an approximate total staff of  153 people. There are many different ways for students to show appreciation to the staff of their school, from a simple thank you, to gifts, to going out of your way to show them that what they do is needed and not taken for granted.

Our staff works incredibly hard to offer each and every student a good education and experience during their four high school years. Our janitorial staff keeps the school clean and safe, the teachers and admin make sure that everyone is getting a good education, our security staff ensures that us students don’t have to worry about our safety, and the councilors help us plan out our futures. They all play a big part in running our school.

As students, we don’t commonly recognize and appreciate our staff. Some good ways to show your appreciation are:

Say Thank you!

Even two simple words can brighten up someone’s day. A compliment can show how much students truly recognise and care. Take the time this week to go up to a staff member and say a simple thank you!

Be respectful!

Teacher’s goals are to give a substantial education to students. They feel better about their work when students are respectful.

Bring foods or gifts!

Starbucks gift cards, breakfast foods and school supplies are wonderful ideas! Teachers love getting special gifts since most students don’t think to bring anything in.