Priceless Lives: Stress Less

May 10, 2017

Priceless Lives: Stress Less

We are arriving to finals and graduation which can be beyond stressful so here are some things you can do to help calm down. Go for a walk and take in the fresh air, dance it out with friends and just laugh. Another thing is to talk to someone about it, write it down, or if you’re alone just breathe. Breathing helps relieve more than just stress and is something healthy to focus on. Also, going to bed earlier, focusing on what you can control, and remembering the good times is a healthy stress reliever. Lastly, looking for life challenges for yourself and smiling with help take your mind away from all the craziness life brings to us. Stress is in everyone’s life, but the way we take control of it and handle it is in our hands. Make your life how you want it and live it to the fullest, less stress, less depression, more happiness and inspiration! Wishing everyone luck and happiness. Much Love, Hailee.

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