Priceless Lives: The 6 Stays

May 10, 2017

Priceless Lives: The 6 Stays

Make today worth living, change your life for the better. If you follow the 4 “stays,” you will see a dramatic change in how you feel and how you carry yourself. Staying positive helps improve attitudes and gives a good lookout on life. When you continuously fight for yourself and for your rights, you gain strength which helps a person stay strong. Staying brave improves what you do, how you do it, and how you carry yourself as a person. This piggy-backs on staying ambitious. When you are ambitious your health not only improves, but your mental state improves as well. Lastly, staying focused keeps your mind cleared and healthy of any distractions, which could affect you in an unhealthy way. It’s hard to do all these but when you practice it over and over again, you will see and feel a change in your life. Much love, Hailee.


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