NHS Awards Night

Travis Stedman, Sports Editor

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The annual National Honor Society awards night took place last night welcoming the new inductees and wishing the 2016-2017 class a farewell. The night started former NHS student and current Liberty teacher math teacher Mrs. Schmidt speak about her memories of NHS and what it means to be a NHS participant. Next, was a video presentation recapping all the events NHS hosted or participated. This was followed up by the newest inductees walking up onto the stage one by one and placing each one of their candles on the table that hold the four large candles that signify the four branches that NHS is built off of; Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. After all new inductees wrapped their group photos on the bleachers it was time for Juniors and Seniors to receive their cords, stoles and letters. Each senior and junior were called up one by one once again being awarded their well-deserved honor and taking a group photo on the bleachers as well. The night wrapped up as NHS participants surprised the NHS sponsors with a large “Thank You” sign and a bouquet of flowers for each of the three sponsors. It is now to turn a new page and as a member of the 2016-2017 class I wish the 2017-2018 class and all other classes the best of luck and to represent NHS to the best of their abilities.