Lunch Bunch

Jake Toller, Fundraiser Manager

Last year, there were two shorter lunches, and a different schedule style. They had a standard block schedule for the first lunch, and, what they called a ‘skinny schedule’ for the second lunch. The standard block schedule is what everyone has this year and a skinny schedule had 2 forty-five minute classes on either side of lunch.

Due to the changes here at Liberty, namely increased enrollment, we have switched solely to the block schedules, making the one lunch schedule a problem. Last year, people were upset about about the news of losing a lunch, but now they are even more so because of how much of a mess the lunchroom is. Opening up the hallways was a minor solution to a bigger problem. With this being a hot topic, I wanted the student body’s input on the change.

Out of the 75 Lancers polled, it was a unanimous vote of ‘No, I don’t like the change.’ This came as little surprise, as there has been plenty of grief about the schedule, even from the freshmen who knew nothing different. When asked why the freshmen voted that way, they all mentioned the same thing: the crowd in the cafeteria. 

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