Back to School Night Highlights


LHS Peak Press/ Kevin Dorsey

Kevin Dorsey, Journalist

On August 30th, Liberty hosted their annual Back to School Night. Many parents came to meet their children’s teachers and hear about the classes. Teachers discussed what the expectations for their classroom are, information about themselves, and got to know the parents. Although each meeting was only ten minutes, there was a lot of information being given to parents, making it a beneficial event. Some parents even brought their kids so they could show them their lockers, meet some of their friends, and show them where the classrooms are.

When teachers were asked what back to school night meant to them, many responded that they like to meet the parents “because they are always so nice,” with several adding it was about “making sure the parents understood the rules and expectations of their classrooms.” Parents replied that they were looking forward to meeting and getting to know teachers.

It was a night enjoyed by many teachers and parents.