Liberty & Widefield: Head to Head


Eli Hopper, Layout Editor

Excitement simmers at Liberty as the game draws closer. After the last game’s result, the pressures are higher than ever to succeed tonight against Widefield High School. “We’re feeling good about it,” Cyrus Pelt, one of Liberty High’s football players says. “We took the loss against Rampart hard, but we’re using our frustration to push ourselves. We’re pumped up.”

Liberty’s cheerleaders pump up the crowd

This mindset was definitely reflected in the crowd; the Lancers’ seats overflowed with spirited students dressed in red. After a performance of the national anthem, our team hit the ground running.

Liberty scores a field goal

Both sides fought hard, the students and parents of Liberty cheering through it all. Immediately, Widefield’s Gladiators racked up points and took the the lead. In the third quarter, however, after a stunning half-time performance by the Pride of the Lancers Marching Band, Liberty fought back. After a few incredible plays, the score rose from 0-20 in Widefield’s favor to 14-20. Only two minutes remained, and we had possession. Despite our best efforts, Widefield held us off. The Lancers and the Gladiators proceeded to line up and congratulate each other on a fair game.

A game well-played

The support from the Liberty school community outweighed the disappointment. The cheerleaders, band, and student body continued to applaud the team’s hard work. Besides, the Lancers didn’t have trouble bouncing back from their last defeat. We’ll do it again, and come back stronger than ever.