There’s a New Storm Headed Our Way and It’s Not Pretty


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An image of Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean Islands.

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McKenna White, Video Editor

We’ve all heard of Hurricane Harvey, the one that destroyed so many homes in Texas and Louisiana, but have you heard of Hurricane Irma? Chances are that you have heard about it on the news when it gained strength on the Caribbean islands and the Atlantic (The Wall Street Journal). What has been happening with that? Allow me to explain.

(The Weather Channel/
An image of Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean Islands.


From all we know, according to USA Today, Irma wouldn’t be the first hurricane to hit the United States. Hurricane Andrew flew into the United States 25 years ago, resulting into 25 casualties and 100,000 destroyed homes (USA Today). Florida Governor, Rick Scott and Puerto Rico Governor, Ricardo Rosello declared states of emergencies earlier this week. On Tuesday, Mr. Rosello met with mayors, National Guard leaders, and emergency officials about the hurricane (USA Today). As Lancers, we always help each other out in various situations. In this case, if a natural disaster ever hits Colorado, we will always give everyone as much support as possible and help others when their homes get destroyed. When it comes to charities, all donations are appreciated to help with the relief effort.

In the end, Hurricane Irma is potentially catastrophic as it is about to roar over the United States. Just be cautious of others fortunes as their homes, towns and schools are potentially destroyed. If the floods occur, evacuations are strongly advised for safety.