What’s Your Clique?

Jackson Ayres, Webmaster

She stood in her sweatshirt, fumbling with the sleeves. The pure loneliness seeped into her, commanding her, twisting her reality to make it seem as if it was her fault she couldn’t find anywhere for her. She held back tears and stepped up to the board with a list of clubs present. Scanning it with her eyes, they rested on a particular club. Looking back up and down the list in shock, she determined her eyes weren’t deceiving her. She smiled slightly and headed down to a classroom.

Finding somewhere to feel at home is hard, especially in high school. Many students struggle with finding a group with shared interests. At Liberty though, hopefully it’s less of a struggle. According to Liberty’s website they offer 23 official clubs and there’s many more that aren’t on the website. There’s everything from Forensics to Latin Club. Sure, you may not be able to find everything you could possibly want, however, Mrs. Kroeker, the 10th grade counsellor, recommends that “students pursue their passions and explore interests while in high school… we [counsellors] want [students] to try a little bit of everything.  Now is the time to reach outside your comfort zone and try something you’ve never done before.”.

For new students, she suggests  “clubs based on a student’s interest areas.  When talking with new students I encourage them to join at least one club.  This helps new students make friends who share their same interests and helps get them integrated into the culture of LHS.  High school is so much more fun when students feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie.” . Can’t find a club that you just really need? You can open one with the LHS Activity Director, and you need to find a willing staff sponsor. Mrs. Kroeker also wishes that there was a strategic games club that appeared at Liberty, as it would create a mentoring system for new students.

Hopefully, a place with a sense of belonging will call to you. Shutting others out never feels nice for anyone. Through browsing the LHS website and asking for help from others, you can find a group. According to Youth.gov, 1 in every 15 students in high school attempt suicide. By finding a home away from home, you can find a sense of peace within the chaos of high school. People to love and bond with assist in preventing suicide, and it’s never the answer to take your own life. Reach out to others, and ask for help when needed. See https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ for helping others and yourself.