Lancers V. Grandview


Jake Toller

The Lancers try to move the ball closer to the goal to attempt to score

Jake Toller, Fundraiser Manager

It was a tense game, with a score of 0-1 Grandview. They scored with six minutes and 5 seconds left of the second half. It was a great game, stated Jordan Toller (’20).  

Field Hockey is a growing sport as stated by the head coach of last year, Michelle Amon. Field Hockey was started up as a sport last year by District 20, but Liberty claimed ownership of that team. There are students from all of the District 20 High Schools. Around the beginning of second semester, the two coaches of the Liberty Field Hockey team decided to leave, leaving the team without a coach. Struggling to find a new coach for the team, the team was worried that their small legacy that they left might have been gone. Until the search was over and new coaches were hired to coach this year. “The long, stressful wait was over,” stated Jordan.  

The team started off their season over the summer. Attending recreational summer leagues, such as Club Lewy Field Hockey. They did training over the summer and they feel stronger than they were last year, stated coach. Last year the team was started in early August, giving the newly founded team, no time to train and prepare. 

The LHS Field Hockey team is stronger than they were last year and they are ready to win! Come be a part of the crowd, and support your fellow Lancers!