Don’t get sick of Illness! Tips and Prevention

Don't get sick of Illness! Tips and Prevention


Jackson Ayres, Webmaster

According to USA Today, 7.5 million high school students miss school due to an illness every month. Here’s how to avoid being one of those 7.5 million. The following CDC graph shows how many students (ages 5-17) miss days of school based on percentages due to illness or injury. If a school has enough absent pupils, attendance rates drop.

Center of Disease Control

    The CDC’s statistics on percentages of students who miss days of school.

Furthermore, teenagers are less likely to receive medical treatment for illnesses than other age groups. While teens have more resistance to illness than other groups, they come in contact with 16.5 million other students in grades 9-12, making them the most vulnerable.

To prevent the flu and spread of flu-like viruses, the CDC recommends an annual flu shot. Preventing contact with others is key in stopping the spread of an illness. If a patient had a fever when sick with flu-like symptoms, they need to stay out of school/work for 24 hours after the fever dissipates. Wash hands often and vigorously with warm water and soap. Avoid touching someone’s eyes, nose, or mouth. If an especially cautious germ avoider is present, use a (clean) in-home humidifier to prevent respiratory infections.

Now that avoiding sickness is possible, what if illness is contracted? Maintaining contact with LHS staff is vital. Have a parent call in the illness, informing the office the student won’t be showing up. Be sure to check classroom OneNotes if available. If a class doesn’t offer OneNote, email the teacher. Patients should avoid over exerting activities and rest. Drinking easy fluids such as water or non-carbonated sodas is a good way to stay hydrated. The ASD 20 Excused Absence Policy allows absent students to have 2 days to turn in any late work before considered late. Attempt asking fellow classmates what was missed, and get access to notes if possible.

Getting sick isn’t remotely fun for anyone. On most days, people want to stay home when sick. High school is difficult to maintain a grade in, especially if ill. Grades suffer easily. Stay safe from illness this year!