New Cell Phone Policy


Saldana, Gabriel

Kevin Dorsey, Journalist

Many kids and parents today are distracted by their electronics. This has become a big problem in today’s society, and our school is working on stopping that distraction.

Staff member have talked to students and starting as of now, there will be no cell phones allowed to be visible in math and business classes. If someone has their cell phone visible during a class period, it will be taken and held until the end of the class period. The second time it happens, it will be taken and held until the end of the day. You can pick it up in room 214. The third offense means a parent or guardian will have to pick it up. Remember, the schools phones are always on, with one in every classroom. Students will be able to use these phones if required, but you cannot use your own phone. Although technology can be a great part of today’s society, they can become a huge distraction in classrooms. Teachers say students being on their phones make it hard for them to teach.

Do you have ideas for solutions to this problem rather than banning cellphones in this day and age? Comment below!