Briarfest: Back Again


Eli Hopper, Layout Manager

Colorado is never short of worthwhile events to enjoy. The most recent event enjoyed by students and the surrounding Liberty community was the annual appearance of Briarfest, hosted by Saint Gabriel’s Catholic Church. Conveniently located across the street from LHS, students are naturally drawn to this sparkling event starting on Friday night, lasting through Sunday.

Briarfest’s Colors

Briarfest epitomizes various parts of Coloradan culture and business. The entrance to the event was lined with a diverse group of booths — offering a variety of things to buy, from homemade soaps and salts, to boxes of donuts to support the local Boy Scouts.

Live Music

Past the booths, a number of rides and colorful carts selling food were out for everyone to enjoy. Off to the side of the rides and games, a stage stood in the middle of the field. A local band was playing, and it deepened the festive ambience of the night. Towards the back of the audience, people laughed, had drinks, and ate food, while people towards the front danced and enjoyed the live music.

Looking Down From the Wheel

Most people at Briarfest couldn’t decide between the Ferris Wheel and the Star Ship, a large saucer-shaped ride that seemed to defy gravity, as their favorite attraction. Whichever ride is arguably the best, everything there was filled with the excitement of an old-fashioned carnival.