School ‘Work’


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Most students wish they can get some cut of the school’s money for doing work

Jake Toller, Fundraiser Manager

Most kids wish they would get paid by the school, to go to school. The only issue is that the school does not have the money to pay students to go to school. Minimum Wage for 2017 in the state of Colorado is $9.30, states the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE). Minimum Wage last year way 8 dollars and 31 cents, reports the CDLE. Public Schools receive taxes from the residents of their zoned school district. That money goes to keeping the lights on, water running and the doors open.

Studies show that students that get paid for good grades are 40 percent more likely to get good grades because the reward is money, states SlashDot news. The same would apply for school, if students were paid to go to school, they would be more likely do better in school, because the reward is money. Most people attempt to strive at work because they would like to earn a promotion, which gives them more money.

Of a poll of 60 students, it was a unanimous vote, students wanted to be paid to go to school. Some of them were asked, “If you were paid, would you spend more time on your homework and study harder for tests, why?” Most stated yes because they want to earn better grades so that way they can earn more money, or a raise. They said they would also take some higher, more intensive, classes. They say it would help them earn a full ride to college, and more money from the school district.

No local schools pay their students money to attend, but a high school in Cincinnati, Ohio has a good grades grant. Dohn Community High School has a $40,000 incentive fund that pays students a small amount of money for going to school, says CBS Cleveland. One student told CBS that they think it is a great idea, especially for people that come from low income families, it helps earn money for the family.