(Mike Duran/FOX21 News)

Stratmoor Hills Elementary School was evacuated on Thursday morning due to the possible danger of a person with a gun.

The Danger at Stratmoor Hills Elementary

During a “normal” school day at Stratmoor Hills Elementary School, staff and students were forced to evacuate Thursday (11/2) morning in response to a possible armed shooter. It was later learned that there was no threat, and no suspect was found.

According to Patrol Commander Cliff Northam of the Sheriff’s Office, bus driver had contacted the local sheriff’s office and reported that he saw a woman with a gun on her hip walk into the elementary school on Loomis Avenue. The woman was not said to be brandishing the weapon. Also, Kaitlin Durbin of The Gazette said Northam reported that no one else could find the suspect “a short woman wearing a gray shirt, grey sweatpants, and wearing a gun in a holster on her hip”, and surveillance doesn’t report the woman anywhere. KKTV News 11 reports that around three hours after the call came in, the scene was cleared. School’s now out for the week at, and fortunately only 15 students were on campus due to a Fall break taking place . No one was harmed during the event.

With the reports of 911 calls in serious mind, it’s becoming harder to determine if a threat is real or not. With the safety of the people in mind, it’s difficult for authorities to wave off a report as “not serious” and avoid a situation. With a world as social as this one is, it’s difficult to determine what’s true and what’s false.

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