Jandi Rychter

A group of lancers compete in a contest during the No Shave/Harvest assembly

One Hairy Assembly

Jandi Rychter/ Editor & Photo Editor
Two junior lancers (Connor McIlhany  & Alex Moore)  participating in a treasure hunt during the No Shave and Harvest assembly.

In the month of November, Liberty throws their annual November Assembly to raise awareness for cancer and starvation across Colorado Springs.


No Shave November is an event that occurs every year. Participants who engage in No Shave November are allegedly agreeing to no shaving during the month of November. The family who started No Shave November–The Hill Family–is a  family with eight children who are dedicated to raising awareness and money on behalf of the memory of their beloved father who passed away from colon cancer. This organization provides the money to educators, cancer prevention, and research. While No Shave November is in action, they hope for the  participants to celebrate the hair they have that many cancer patients lose while taking on their full-fledged battle.


Harvest of Love is another cause that Liberty High School engages in. Every year, Liberty raises money towards this significant cause in Colorado Springs. Care and Share started this Harvest of Love to encourage the families and schools of this city to raise money and donate non-perishable food to make it possible to help the hungry in Colorado get fed.


Liberty takes these issues to heart, as we know these situations happen across our city and to our fellow lancers. Liberty’s Student Council has organized donation and beard-growing competitions so that everyone is engaged and motivated to get involved.


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