Digital Guns


Michael Saechang/Flickr

Many people have different views on what the constitution says we as a country should do. From guns to court, there are many opportunities to push someone’s interpretation on what we should enforce, restrict, or even relax. Recently, Democrats decided to prove a point about internet anonymity and how it affects gun control.

A recent attempt to find illegal gun sellers backfired and revealed the exact opposite. A group of Democrats backed the attempt in hopes of proving a theory of a Fox News article that stated “anonymity of the internet makes it an ideal means for prohibited individuals to obtain illegal firearms.” Which means that the report believed that being able to be unknown on the internet leads to a major chance of the illegal sale of guns. The group had investigated 72 different people off of the dark web during their time on the case. From this investigation, 56 people refused a transaction after they found the “buyer” was across state lines or was prohibited by law to own guns.

This is great and all, but what does all that mean? Well, the reason selling across state lines is such a sticky business is because states have different laws on the subject. Some allow almost no restrictions, while others have very strict ones. Of course, being prohibited from the ownership of guns means you’re not allowed to have guns under any circumstance. Based on how the investigation went, people are very unwilling to break the law for a quick buck.