The Artist’s Walk


(Karen Robards/LHS Class of 2015)

A photo of Ms. Rachlis, sitting in front of a computer screen with a thoughtful expression.

Leah Rachlis– artist by day, Harley-Davidson rider by night.

Liberty High School’s media teacher Ms. Rachlis is a full-fledged New Yorker, as she was born and raised near the Big Apple. She attended Freeport High School and vocation school at the same time, and shortly became a self-run graphic artist thereafter. Unfortunately, the profession evaporated when personal computing came around, as nearly anyone could make almost anything digitally then. After which, she spent some time in social services, and managed a women’s shelter. The women’s shelter came with great rewards, but hardship followed after: “[For] every one person [I] helped, there were ten that weren’t ready for it” she explained.

However, she never imagined leaving her home– the thought had never crossed her mind that she could just leave. Once she did though, she never looked back (other than visiting).

Eventually, she moved into the education era of her life– she started teaching as an artist at her child’s school. From there, she found Liberty, where she currently teaches a variety of media classes, such as photography.

Ms. Rachlis enjoys exploration– finding that new place. Black canyon is a personal favorite of hers. She also enjoys anywhere with a beach filled with sun and fresh seafood. If she had the option to perfectly paint something she could see, it’d be the ocean at dusk where everything is reflected beautifully into a black body of water that encases the pure sunset.

Throughout her life, she’s been a helper– “the fact that [her] life avails [her] to be here at Liberty and to be available in those situations… [She’s] grateful for that…” After all, helping someone is a beautiful thing.