Stones and Crystals

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Many people use crystals and stones everyday for different reasons. Others believe that crystals and stones aren’t anything but rocks and nothing significant to the earth. The main reason why people wear them isn’t to look cool or trendy, but they believe that the stones and crystals have a magnificent energy behind them that can help their inner self in some way. While people who are not into this type of lifestyle may disagree with the stones and crystals having any sort of energies behind them, researchers say that there is some kind of energy to them, called “subtle energy.” The reason for the name is because other energies are easy to measure, using heat as an example. You can feel thermal energy, we use it everyday, but you can’t feel subtle energy as easily and normally, as only one person can at a time.

 Stones and crystals let out energies through vibration. However, stones have a different structure than crystals, making their vibration frequencies more narrow but very efficient because the stone is the main source of vibration. Crystals have a broader vibration frequency because they’re so small. The stone is larger than the crystal, giving it a farther energy distance, while the latter has a shorter energy distance. This means that more people can feel the effects of a stone simultaneously, while one or two people at a time can feel the energies of crystals. Using both a stone and crystal may be beneficial because how it helps you. A stone can strengthen one area of your life, while crystal strengthens multiple parts of your life.

 Stones and crystals aren’t a magical thing as just amplify certain traits of yourself and strengthen weaker traits. Though it is a popular belief to only have stones and crystals if you partake in pagan beliefs, that is not necessarily accurate. Like previously stated, stones and crystals are used for their positive energies. While a lot of people are not aware of the properties associated with stones and crystals, they are most likely aware with how peaceful they feel while wearing them. Stones and crystals are a fun to see and be around, knowing why they’re so intriguing can allow possessing them to be more entertaining.

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