At Depth

At Depth is a creative story by Jackson Ayres, following Alec on his journey in a mysterious submarine.

March 9, 2018


(Martin Sattler/Unsplash)

First – The Arrival

A submarine sat lonely in the water, coated in rust all around. Abandoned rooms creaked while old lights crackled. Water dripped off various pipings and metallic ceilings. The Potamoi has been abandoned for centuries now. Its only inhabitants consisted of bacteria and roaches.. and Alec, of course. He shot awake in a small pool of water, gasping for breath. The pitch black consumed his eyes as he frantically attempted to calm himself.  

Where am I? How did I get here? Alec felt around for his surroundings and found a scratchy curved wall met with the waterline.  

“H-Hello..?” Alec’s dampened voice shot out. “Is anyone there?” He brought himself to a stand, stumbling into a hard surface. After further inspection, it appeared to be a door of some sort. He felt around and his hands met a panel, which he pulled open. Inside the panel sat a button, illuminated by a red emergency light. Upon pushing the device, the light turned green, causing the door to hiss. It opened with great effort on Alec’s part, water spilling into the hall. 

The long corridor branched out, various pathways present. Only one light flickered on, barely assisting Alec’s vision. A chart was mounted on the wall, reading out Deck 16 – Medical Facilities and Quarters in big, black font. A deck? Where am I? Alec looked below the chart and found a map with the layout of the deck and various escape routes laid out. A submarine? How did I get in a submarine? He stumbled down the hall, noting a limp in his left leg. Pain shot up the limb and he fell over, the floor clanging.  

He groaned, looking around again for any sign of anyone. “Hello?” He called out. “I need help!” His jean leg was slick with blood, a darker spot on his upper thigh. There was a medbay on the map. I can get there. I’ll have to. Alec stood again, stumbling along the wall, which offered a much needed support. He turned right after the map, headed down the ominous hall.  


Alec staggered into the medbay, grunting with the effort. He practically fell onto the surgical bed and grabbed a nearby medkit, opening it frantically. Out from the kit, he produced shears and some bandages. Cutting his jean leg off, Alec pressed the bandages sharply onto the wound. After letting the bleeding die down, he wrapped another bandage over the placed down roll, velcroing it onto itself. That’ll do for now. A clang in the hallway came to his attention. 

The youngster peeked out into the ominous hall. Much to Alec’s surprise, a great, midnight black beast sauntered down the corridor, walking away from him. A grotesque tail slithered at length from the thing, slipping and sliding wherever it wished. There appeared to be no eyes on the creature, yet it seemed painfully aware of its environment. Long limbs shot out from hunched shoulders, each finger tipped with a deadly nail.  

Alec’s shock was apparent as he fell back into the medbay. The creature produced a screech causing Alec to quickly spring to his feet. A stomping about could be heard outside the doorway, the being passing right by Alec’s not-so-secret hiding spot. Alec pressed a panel labeled Emergency Door Override, causing the mechanical door to slam shut and display a red “no access” icon on a small panel. He peered through the medbay’s porthole view, finding the hall dead empty. Where could it have possibly gone? Alec decided now was the time to inspect the medbay.  

Presently, there was a main operating table, along with several spots for patients and a plexiglass window. On the other side, Alec noticed another entryway. It was also closed, but there was no access indicator, green or red– it appeared to be malfunctioning. Next to the operating table was a small, metal cart. It hosted various surgical tools, as well as a syringe filled with a green liquid. Alec picked it up, and much to his liking it was a painkiller. He pressed it into his leg and casually injected the substance. 


Alec departed the medbay, the hall once again filled with silence. He came upon a security booth, locked, of course. The booth held various weapons and tools that could prove useful in the future. Through the shatterproof viewport, there was a maintenance tool (used to access locked doors and turn on various generators), a black pistol (standard security), and a torch of some kind (for maintenance panels). Alec needed to get in there. He had to get out of this place. 

To be continued…
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