10 Reasons Why You Should Join Choir

Captured by Nathan Brough.

Captured by Nathan Brough.

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Choir is an elective where you learn and sing songs every class period. You learn things like triads and intervals. Many people aren’t really into choir until they join and absolutely love this class. Here are 15 reasons why YOU should join choir.

  • You make many friends! When you join a choir you meet new people and sing with them. Soon enough you will have many friends and they become your choir family! (Even if you don’t talk much)You will celebrate your past concerts together and you will know that if something happens they will have your back.
  • It gives you a chance to learn things you never knew! You learn how to sight read better than you ever had. You learn scales and triads that some people didn’t even know existed!
  • You will expand your vocal range! Some people can only sing high or low notes but with time, you will be able to sing higher and lower notes than you ever had! Some people have been in 1 section their whole lives and get put in the opposite vocal range and realize that you have a larger vocal range than you thought!
  • The teacher is an easy person to work with! Our choir teacher, Mr.Wulf, works you hard but makes jokes and makes us laugh sometimes! He makes choir fun and our pianist Mrs.Stith shows her love for each class everyday!
  • You get to sing fun songs! In every concert, we have at least 1 or 2 fun songs that have people dancing in their seats! We always have that one song in our heads and sing it at random times!
  • SOLOS!!! This gives you the chance to audition for solos that you really love and get that moment to show off your talent to the world! Sometimes you may get the solo and sometimes you may not but when you are in choir, you never give up if you want a solo!
  • You want to aim for a better choir! When you sit down during your concert and hear the higher choirs singing songs that are more advanced songs than yours, you want to do that too!
  • Auditions! Ok yes, auditions are intimidating and nerve racking… BUT! This helps you in the future when you are auditioning for a role in a play of a solo. You will get used to the nervousness and you won’t be as nervous as you were the first time!
  • Concerts!!! When it is the day of your concert, you realize how hard your choir and you have worked just for this day. It’s all you can think about and you just can’t wait to show your friends and family what you’ve worked on for so long!
  • Common Interests!  If you and your choir classmates are in choir then you already have something in common! You both like music or singing! Just think about it! You or your classmates wouldn’t be in choir unless you signed up for it and you wouldn’t do that unless you liked choir!

So you should sign up for choir next year and fill your world with musical notes in the air! And experience all the amazing things you gain while being in choir! Sing out your frustrations through music and you will forget about all the bad things happening! You can bring your music experience to the next level


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