In The End: Chapter 2

I saw the end of the world in the blink of an eye. I saw engine oil and gunpowder all in a tin can. If I remember correctly my science teacher says that if they mix then it will create an enormous explosion. I bolted out of the house when I saw the stuff. I ran into my room and hoped it was a dream.
The next morning I went to school and told Casie everything. I told her about sneaking out and I told her about the engine oil and the gunpowder.

“Do you really think that he is making a bomb?!”

“YES I DO” I say angrily as my face turns red”

“Well there’s no need to yell. Why would he be building a bomb?”

“I don’t know but I’m going back tonight so if you want to come you can.”

“But that’s breaking and entering we could be arrested!!!”

“Not if we are in disguise” I say as I walk towards my math class.

Later that day Cassie came over and we had a sleepover. We waited until my mom fell asleep and then we left. We noticed that the garage door was open but only a crack. The crack was barely big enough for us to fit under. When we got in we had to sneak to the attic just in case there happened to be anyone else in the house.

“There it is” I’m pointing at the stairs to the attic and we walk up.

“You know what I realized just now?”

“What” I say in a whisper.

“We aren’t in our disguises.”

“Oh well we are here and there is no going back until you see the bombs.”

As we peek around the corner I pull out the flashlight and aim it where the bombs are.

“What am I supposed to be looking at?” she asks when I come to a halt.

“The bombs are in the center of the light, and keep your voice down.”

“I’m sorry and i don’t see anything.”

“Really they are right here.”

“Are you sure because I still can’t see them?”

“Fine you don’t see them I’ll pick one up.”

So I pick one up and she is looking at me like I am crazy. I let her hold it but she says there isn’t anything there.Maybe I am the only other one that knows it’s there. But how? Why can’t she see or feel it? Then it happens. The creepy old man is standing right behind Cassie. I try to signal to her to turn around but she just runs instead. She must have felt him breathing down her neck.

We run to the back of the room as he comes towards us. She must have been reading my mind because we ran at the same time on either side of him and out of the house. We had to slide out of the garage as fast as we could not to get caught by him. We ran back into my house and snuck back into my room.

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