Should the US Navy Bring back the Battleship?

(Marco Krenn/Unsplash)

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In 2006, the US Navy was planning on receiving 23 brand new fleet ships, each a Zumwalt class destroyer. Now, 11 years later, the Navy has only gotten 4 of those 32 ships promised. Why is that?

Unfortunately, the Zumwalt was too expensive to viably produce. Due to this, the Navy is not getting the firepower and ships they were planning on having, so what could be done? Well, instead of spending billions of dollars to build a new ship, why not bring back a old ship and make it new? America has four perfect ships that could be brought back: the USS Iowa, USS New Jersey, USS Wisconsin, and the USS Missouri. These ships were all decommissioned after WWII but were brought back into service, only to be decommissioned once more, the final Iowa class to be in service was the USS Missouri, which was decommissioned on March 31, 1992. Now, these great ships sit at museums. Since the Iowa’s are already built, the Navy would not need to spend the money to build a brand new ship from the ground up because they’re already done. They would simply need  to be refitted, which is significantly cheaper then the total price for the rest of the 28 Zumwalt ships. Now yes, there could be some issues trying to refit a WWII-era ship with modern technology, but it was done before and it could be done again. Imagine if the 16’’ cannons on the Missouri could launch a projectile 20 miles away! Now the hyper-velocity rail-gun can shoot a projectile at a speed of 5,600 mph and it can through a projectile 30-100 miles away depending on what’s firing it. So, if Iowa’s ships are refitted with these weapons imagine what they could do? 

So what do you think should the Iowas be brought back into service and refitted, or should they be left as they are?