The Latest “Teen Titans Go!” Movie Trailer Trolls the DCEU and Deadpool (Trailer Analysis)


(Lena Orwig/Unsplash)

The new Teen Titans Go! To The Movies Trailer makes fun of the superhero franchises and the superhero films of yore, including the Green Lantern movie and Deadpool movies. Watch out for Slade.

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Looking back at the teaser trailer for Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, I really would’ve liked it better without that big fart joke in it. At least they presented a small bit of what the film might look like when it gets released in theaters. Overall, I thought that trailer wasn’t as good as I thought it was and that the people behind the movie needed to do better. I was so encouraged by the latest trailer that they have turned a corner in a positive direction and have hoped that it will be that way for future trailers of the movie.

The trailer starts off with a hilarious jab at the Batman movie franchise as a trailer for a movie about Alfred and not about Robin plays on the big screen where the Titans are set in. The trailer then gets into a joke about the 2011 DC film starring Ryan Reynolds, Green Lantern, with John Stewart (voiced by Lil Yachty) saying, “There was a Green Lantern movie, but we don’t talk about it.” Their dream of Hollywood stardom gets immediately shut down by movie director, Jade Wilson (voiced by Kristen Bell). Robin (voiced by Scott Menville) tries to find a way to make a movie happen until Raven (played by Tara Strong) suggests that they find an archnemisis. Thus, leads the audience to Deadpool, oops, I mean Slade Wilson (played by Will Arnett). They try their hardest to fight Slade off when he takes over the world and has all of the DC superheroes, including Batman (played by Jimmy Kimmel), against them. If you would like to see some hilarious hijinks involving Slade and the Titans and hear Superman with Nicholas Cage’s voice, then you’re in luck.

As promised from the revealed plot, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies will show no mercy to the DC Extended Universe. Almost a majority of DC films have become pretty disappointing, with Wonder Woman being an exception. The 2017 film, Justice League, is a good example of how DC fails to impress non-fans in the audience, especially when they had Wonder Woman steal the spotlight in that movie. But enough about the Justice League, let’s move on to the part about the Deadpool and Slade comparison. Slade is shown to be a bit more childish than usual, but he points out that he came out before Deadpool ever did, comic series wise (Fun fact: Slade or Deathstroke first appeared in the second issue of The New Teen Titans comic book series in December 1980 and Deadpool would not have made his first comic appearance as a minor antagonist in the 98th issue of The Mutants until February 1991). One other plus that I could give the trailer is that Thunder by Imagine Dragons was playing throughout the first half of the trailer. That and it was just full of great jabs and is amusing, even the Titans battling Slade is fun to watch. This might mean that the movie might be worth watching, at least in my opinion.

The latest trailer for Teen Titans Go! To The Movies was a pleasant surprise with plenty of good jabs at the DC Extended Universe and enough laughs to go around with Slade and the Titans’ shenanigans. Plus, Deadpool and Slade are characteristically similar in most ways besides being mercenaries and wearing masks. This could give hope for the movie to do better than almost all of the live-action DC films. That could happen when the film comes out on July 27, 2018.