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In The End: Chapter 3

“Why did he seem so angry?” asks Cassie as we try to catch our breath

“I don’t know but it seemed that he was more going to kill us or something! How did you know to run?!”

“I felt his breath on my neck and knew that you wanted me to turn around but I decided to run. I didn’t think that you would have followed.”

“Well I had the same idea and didn’t think that you’d follow ME!” I say with astonishment and with all my breath caught.

We watched to see if the man had followed us. Once we were sure that he wasn’t following us we went to sleep. We were too tired to stay up and talk about it. As soon as we got up in the morning she starts the questioning.

“What were you trying to show me and why did you leave the disguises here?!”

“For the first one I believe that it is an explosive because when I first saw it I saw the end of the world”

I was in the middle of an old battlefield. I look around to see that almost every soldier was lying dead in their own blood. I look up to see a futuristic kind of plane. The plane begins to come closer so I run. I ran so far that I ran into town. I recognised the barber shop and the candy store just down the street. I see some people and they were all looking at me strangely. I walked up to one of the men and asked what the date was. He said that it was nearly a year later. Within a few seconds something was being dropped but I couldn’t tell what it was. I soon noticed that they were little bottles. When all the bottles landed a red mist started to pour out. I saw people falling to the ground one after another. I couldn’t tell what is was so I ran for my life. I was surprisingly slower than the kids that looked about my age. For the people that started running they made it to the next city to warn every one that was there to run. They didn’t believe us since we were all kids but once they saw the plane they ran for their lives. We ran to each of the cities that we could. we split up in order to save more people but we failed. Soon enough bombs started falling from the sky.”Everyone Ru….”

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