Cases of Love


(Madi Doell/Unsplash)

Cases of Love is an organization started by Keira Raack, whose “older sisters have both spent time in the hospital.  [The sisters] enjoyed [Keira’s family] visits and  appreciated when [they] brought them little gifts” (Cases of Love). Keira came up with the idea of giving pillowcases to children in hospitals, which could help the kids feel more at home. Their website states that Cases of Love “was created to help spread joy to those who are going through hard times.”

This past week at Liberty was Cases of Love Spirit Week. Students brought in whatever they could to help support this organization. On Wednesday (5/9), Liberty has a Skate Night at Skate City to help fund the efforts. After 75 people go into the doors, 50% of proceeds will come back to Liberty, where they will support Keira’s dream. Cases of Love recently had a goal of selling 250 pillowcases and to raise $5,000. This goal was completed February 14th, 2018.

Here is a link to their donation page. Donations are $20, and the donor can write a message to the child the pillowcase is for. Cases of Love is partnered with The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation to raise money.