Post 9/11 Torture


The CIA has been under criticism lately for the post 9/11 torture programs they have created. Detainees were held after 9/11 to be interrogated, which could’ve led to them being tortured. The detainees were held because the they were believed to have information on why 9/11 happened. Some were wrongly held, and this program led to the death of one of the detainees. The ways the CIA used the tortures was announced to be fatal, but they still pressed people to use methods of waterboarding, brutal beating, starvation, and being stripped of human rights.


Gul Rahman was held at a program that eventually led to his death. The victims was held in such harsh conditions and he was found dead in his cell naked from the waist down. Rahman was held and tortured to the extreme because he was believed to be trained to endure the state he was in. He often complained that the conditions were too harsh, or that he was too cold to even think and process the questions he was being asked. The CIA was more than willing to keep this information hidden.


Psychologists Elmer Mitchell and John Jenssen were under fire by the ACLU and were sued. Mitchell and Jenssen were found to push the workers to break the detainees. They put several amounts of pressure, such as using the method of humiliation and starving the detainees physically and emotionally.  The CIA used these tactics (with the approval and leadership of Jenssen Mitchell) to try to get more information out of potential terrorists, and in majority it led to a death and nothing being found out or resolved. One of the captives reported that he would have spoken to them if they were civil.


What could’ve happened if they proposed the questions were brought to the table more humanely? Would we have known more about 9/11 and the intention? When people violate basic human rights, people shut down and do not corporate and will not let themselves be  made out to be less than what they are.


Violence and torturing will break a human, but it won’t mean you’ll get anything out of it. Violence is not something you can have fun with, bringing pain to another is never okay. The CIA did not handle this well and is still making headlines today with the possible paranoia that these programs might come back. America is supposed to be free, and we celebrate people and  rights. When America strips away rights from others, we are not fighting for what we stand for, we are representing something dark and evil.