Priceless Lives: October is Bullying Prevention Month!


Hailee Wolf

Tattoo representing the Semicolon Project.

The month of October is a Bullying Prevention Month and October 10th is World Mental Health Day. The main reason we celebrate these is to raise awareness to mental health complications around the world. The goal is to put in effort and support for every person affected by any type of mental health complications. This is a very real battle in our world today and the increasing numbers are heart breaking. No person deserves to feel like committing suicide is an option, like the world would be better without them. We are ALL unique and deserve to feel wanted, loved, priceless, etc.

Bullying in ANY form is unacceptable and can damage a person for life. Getting online to say negative thoughts to or about someone is immature and uncivil. If there is a problem between two people, instead of taking it online try to talk face to face and work things out. The internet is a good way for us to misinterpret most data which in the end could cause more drama and world hurt. The main misinterpretation is missing emotions or sarcasm which usually can not be received through a online message.  Another form of bullying is when there are a chain of people bending the truth, these are rumors. Creating lies to hurt someone or try to get what or who they have will never make a person feel better about themselves. Lastly, stealing or physically hurting someone will not fill the emptiness a person feels so what is the point of doing it? Instead of focusing on someone else’s life and trying to hurt them, let’s begin to work on ourselves. More self-love, self-care and positivity can change a person’s heart and fill the emptiness inside.

The world is trying so hard to prevent bullying because of how it is not only affecting that person or their family but how it is affecting the world. We need more positivity and strength throughout our world. We are in control of our lives, we can make life good so why don’t we? Maybe we are scared or stuck in the negatives but with a little help we can all see our purpose, see a reason to smile every day we are alive. Life is not promised, it comes and goes within the blink of an eye. Make the life you are living today count because we do not know how long we will be here. Give yourself the life you want, you have a choice to smile, to get up, to love on someone every day. No one can make you but I promise once you start to count the good things in life instead of focusing on the bad, your life will do a complete 360 and it will feel amazing. You deserve to be happy, you are amazing, wanted, loved and here for a purpose. Please don’t give up on who you are, on what and who you have because they may not be there forever. It is up to you to keep the people who make you smile, make you truly happy, make you a better you. I love you, I am always here.

Sincerely, Wolf.