The Pieces


The Pieces

By Emily Ropeter


He went jumping across the ditch when he noticed something shiny glistening underneath the sun’s rays. Miles nearly chose to not go near it, for he was much too tired after jumping so far. As he continued to vacillate, the shiny piece seemed to have multiplied. Rather than there being one sliver part, there appeared to be four. Miles began to feel as though he was hallucinating: the hot sun, extreme exercise; it made sense after all. Curiosity finally got the best of him and he jogged over from where he was sitting to inspect the mystical element. 

Reaching to the ground, he picked up the tiny pieces and placed them in his palm. Nothing, absolutely nothing happened. Miles looked around in disappointment. The only thing that happened was a car driving by on the side of the highway. Miles looked at the pieces longingly, hoping that they would do something. He picked all of them up, placed them in his palm, and waited.  

Looking at them even more closely, they seemed as if they were able to fit together like a puzzle. Could it be? Would something finally happen? He began to put them together, and after he was done, they created a very jagged looking shape– nothing ordinary. He looked up to see if anyone noticed as he stood there in his now hubris way.  

Nothing. Still nothing. Miles began to think someone was messing with him or that someone just left it there forgetfully. But why? And why would anyone own it in the first place if it didn’t have any apparent purpose? His mood began to change, and he began to enervate. Weakening by the minute, he fell to the ground as his legs could not hold him up anymore. Miles’ energy was running low as the heat bared down on him from above. He was still 10 miles from home and hadn’t even completed his daily run yet.  

Dropping the piece to the ground, it fell apart and dispersed farther into the grass. It appeared that it had some sort of magical abilities, but Miles couldn’t figure them out. He regained enough strength to search in the grass to collect them again, to bring them home, but he couldn’t find them. Searching and searching he tried insanely hard to find the pieces and luckily found a smaller one. The others were gone. 

The sun began to set, and his mom had his curfew set at 8:30 pm seeing as he forgot to do his homework the past three days. Regretting the trek home, he began walking, riddled by the occurrences of the past few hours. Miles figured he would look at the strange piece more when he got into his room. Walking up his stairs, he went into his room and closed the door. He sat on his bed, and unfolded his hands. He began to drift away…

“Miles! Miles, school!” his mom’s voice rang through the hallway. 

Groggily shaking himself awake he began remembering his dream he had rudely awoken from. After school today, his plan was to go to the exact place where the mystery took place to see if his dream could become a reality.