Snow Falls


Jordan Toller

A snowy tree in Colorado

Snowflakes are the most beautiful things on the face of the planet that can affect everyone in a matter of minutes. Here in Colorado, snow is what we are known for, even though Colorado got less than 35 inches of snow last year on the popular ski resorts. It’s not always the snow people are fascinated in, it’s snowflakes less than 1 centimeter in size.

From the time we were little kids, we were told that no two snowflakes were the same; that’s where the saying “be your own snowflake” comes 

from. In 1988, a scientist found two identical snowflakes in Wisconsin. Both little flakes were the same size, had the same pattern, and were from the same storm.

“As white as snow” has been a famous way of describing object (her dress was as white as snow). In fact, snow isn’t white; its translucent. It appears this way to the human eye because the snow reflects the light, the color spectrum, making it appear white. It’s also why when it snows, everything seems a little brighter. Colorado has a stereotype of being snowy all long winter, but one year Colorado got a whole winter’s worth of snow in one day. On December 4 1913, 63 inches of snow fell on the state of Colorado. Over 1 zeillion snowflakes fell that same year.

There are many different types of snowflakes. A hexagon snowflake forms just as the name says–in the shape of a hexagon. A Stellar Dendrites is the most popular form of snowflake with six points. A Fernlike Stellar Dendrites is a fancy version of a stellar dendrite with feather-like sticks.

Snowflakes are the most breathtaking things that is created during the winter.