Wallet Wreckage


‘Tis may be the season for well being and giving, but maybe not so much for your wallet. Within the United States, many Americans nationwide experience financial troubles in attempting to prepare for the holidays.  

Black Friday, for example, is a very popular holiday within the United States that takes place the day after Thanksgiving. This “holiday” is special to Americans because store prices across the nation can drop as low as 90%making the occasion a prime target for holiday shopping. Because of this, many people will go so far as to camp out in front of a store that they want to shop at up to 1-2 days in advance so that they can be the first in line. Sadly, this can easily lead to fights due to people cutting in line or even “stealing” items from people’s shopping carts when they are not paying attention. Because of these disastrous events, some people have sadly even lost their lives by being trampled and/or beaten. Even an LHS Student, who preferred to be anonymous, stated: “I nearly got into a fistfight on Black Friday. Someone tried taking some of the things out of my shopping cart, so I confronted them.” Luckily, neither one was injured. 

Due to the timing of this holiday, since it’s right before the time people start preparing for Christmas, sometimes their wallets take an even bigger beating. Many people suffer from financial troubles during the holidays because they feel obligated to buy gifts for their children and friends rather than purchase the necessities needed to help get them through the winter. Poverty during these times is another great issue that surrounds everyone that suffers from it during the holidays. Some people have to choose between heat and light over the newest toys and gadgets that cost an arm and a leg, making this time of the year quite depressing for some Americans. 

Rather than blow out your wallet on the newest iPhone or drone, lets use this time of the year to do what it was intended for; to give. There are many charities across the nation such as the Salvation Army that take donations to help those who suffer from extreme poverty, especially during the Christmas season. It is good to have an open mind about those who may be less fortunate and to not make assumptions that everyone is going to have an excellent time during the holidays.  

Many people take issue with what Christmas now has “turned” into; a capitalistic holiday and nothing more. Now while that may be partially true, the essential spirit of giving still remains. While many giant corporations still shell out their products during the holidays to make a profit, that does not mean that is the only thing you should aim for. It is important that we help out the less fortunate so that we can ensure that they can have better lives during what is intended to be “The happiest time of the year.”