December? How about Dressember


Erica Waley and Kelly Dore

What is Dressember? How did it come to be? Why does it matter?

Skye Day Photo cred:(Jordan Toller/ LHS Peak Press)

In 2013, more than 30 million people were enslaved in the human trafficking trade. “I feel sick,”  says Sophia Stall, “that so many women and children can slip under the radar into such a horrendous trade.” Blythe Hill believed the same thing. She began challenging herself to wear a dress for every day throughout the month of December. The next year, a few of Hill’s friends join her and a few more the next year; which let to the establishment of the Dressember Foundation.

Most people, when they first hear about Dressember, assume it’s just a challenge for girls to wear dresses and guys to wear ties everyday throughout the month of December. “I think it’s both,” Riley Newcomer states, “Not everyone can wear a dress or tie for a whole month just because. It’s a great challenge that opens the door to deep and meaningful conversations about the dignity of men and women across the globe.”

From 2013 to 2017, the Dressember Foundation raised over $2 million dollars and millions of people across the world participated in the repeating events; but, the foundation and those involved in it are trying to get more and more people to participate in this. The main reason many people don’t participate in Dressember is that they don’t think they can do it and they don’t know the real reason behind it.  “My advice to people is just to go for it,” Newcomer explains, “Dressing up for a month is a conscious reminder of the gratitude you should feel for your security and also the empathy and desire to help those who are stuck in trafficking.” Dressember can be challenging for a lot of people, but it’s all for raising awareness for something horrible going on in the world.

To learn more information about this inspiring event, talk to someone who has participated in Dressember or reach out to the Dressember Foundation. It is shocking that such a horrible thing can happen to so many people worldwide. Most people believe slavery ended in the 1870s, but that’s not true. It still exists today, and often times in plain sight, and it’s important to establish  organizations like Dressember to put a stop to this.

“I challenge each and every one of you to join the fight against human trafficking and participate in Dressember next year and all the years to come,” Abbey Schumaker declares. This is an important challenge because it challenges you to do all you can to end this and change lives. Isn’t that something you want to do or at least challenge yourself to do?