‘Til Death Do Them Part

(Elizabeth VanHook/LHS Peak Press)

‘Til death due them part

The roaring of the engine 

The cries of pain 

The stench of gunpowder in the air 

With the war calling his name 

The tears falling 

The prayers chanted 

The wounds sewed 

With the war calling her name 

Shots fired down he went 

Meds calling, running she left 

Prayed she did 

And cured he was 

Bonded they were 

With an unexplainable force 

Embraced it they did 

And no too soon after 

Blessed upon them 

A room full of laughter 

For the family grew larger 

And exploring the world 

They grew closer and closer 

And branched on down 

As the family soon became

A blossoming tree 

Yet they became old 

And still 

Every person could feel their warmth 

As if they had somehow landed 

Peaceful at last 

That day we buried her next to him 

With the names of all our tree branches 

And the warmth was restored

For her prayers had been answered