Who Will Ask You to Prom?

In high schools across the country, prom season occurs between April and May. Along with pictures of girls in beautiful dresses and guys in tuxedo and sunglasses, pictures of the ways guys ask girls to prom flood our social media platforms. From decorated their cars to asking in front of the whole school, promposal have become a social media phenomenon.

Promposal didn’t become popular until 2001 when the first promposal photos were published in Dallas, Texas when kids began asking each other to prom over the school loudspeaker.

Over the next ten years, promposals became more popular. Boyfriends began covering their girlfriend’s front porch stairs with rose petals while others attached banners to airplanes. In 2011, over 20,000 promposal videos were uploaded and by the next year there were over 900.000 videos.

Ryan Wooten asking Faith Deason to Homecoming. Photo cred: Faith Deason

Many people–adults and teenagers alike–believe promposals are extra and are too extravagant for high school prom. On average, prom costs a teenager $900 and about $350 of that cost goes toward promposal. An average rented tuxedo cost is $196; which is saying guys spend more on asking girls to prom than they do on the suit they are going to actually wear to prom.

Jackson Ayres, a junior at liberty high school, thinks promposals a great way “for people to express their affection in a creative way.” There are other people, however, who believe promposals are too extra and a waste of money. Trevor Zook, a senior at Liberty High School believes “they should be more personal and intimate instead of extravagant and flashy.” Despite what most adults believe, about 65% of teenagers enjoy seeing promposals around their schools and on social media. “I feel like promposals are really fun for someone to ask you to prom,” Faith Deason, a junior at Liberty states, “it’s overall just a really fun way to start the prom season, extravagant or not.”

Even though a lot of people believe spending hundreds of dollars just to ask someone to prom or homecoming is too much, promposals are a tradition that will be around for many, many years to come.