Discrimination: A History


Since the dawn of man, humans have persecuted those different from them. Being the social creatures that we are, humans have a natural inclination to form “tribes” and to be weary of outsiders and their tribes. At one point in time this was a necessary survival skill, if you work together things get done better and faster; and right along with that: an outsiders tribe might be dangerous to your survival. This sort of behavior is known as Tribalism and has been hardwired into the minds of humans over the course of millennia. A perfect real world example of tribalism can be seen as the formation of “cliques” among teens, or treating the quiet kid in class different than you would a member of your own friend group. Be this the case although in a modern world, free from malicious rivaling tribes, there is no need to actively let tribalism negatively affect society. For tribalism may very well be the root of racism, xenophobia, and bitter treatment toward the LGBT+ community.

The birth of racism toward blacks is sort of difficult to blame on tribalism as blacks weren’t treated negatively until colonial powers discovered resources on the African continent. After that it was suddenly decided that they (Africans) were savages who needed to be civilized by the west, and in the process, raping the continent of its resources, and birthing the Atlantic Slave Trade. What we can blame on tribalism though is pretty much every other category of bigotry. 

As far as history goes back, the LGBT community has been persecuted for their preferences. From being incarcerated in Nazi working camps in world War 2, to being publicly hung in Iran (to this day homosexuals are hung in Islamic countries), LGBT+ haven’t necessarily have had a smooth life. One could go on and on about the hardships of the LGBT community but why are all of these attacks on the LGBT occurring in the first place? It all falls back to tribalism and human nature. See, the common human being is not in fact a homosexual, thus makes them (Gays) minorities among the human race. Now due to evolutionary hardwiring these minorities are seen as outsiders i.e tribalism. Historically, not a lot has been done on a human-race-wide-scale to understand homosexuality. Some were scared that they might be infected with the sexual lifestyle as though it was a virus. Other fears propagated by the United States government were that all Homosexuals were pedophiles looking for a child to snatch and molest like a tiger hunting an elephant calf. Couple these things and you have a nation that is out if its mind worried about Gays. Even more tribalism has taken place and now the population believes that gays are something to be weary of. 

Fortunately in today’s western worlds members of the LGBT community aren’t nearly as feared or hated as they were before but the problem of homophobia and bigotry still remains. A simple solution to the issue of bigotry in America would be to simply change your beliefs toward “minorities”. Habits can always be broken. Simply because we have tribalism hardwired into our heads that doesn’t mean that we cannot rid ourselves of it over time. A kid is scared to be in the dark because he is worried that there might be a “monster” there. Now obviously there is no monster out to get him, but thousands of years ago that child’s ancestors might have had a healthy fear of predatory animals which was passed onto generations after him. As years pass, and the boy realizes that there is no monster to be scared of, he is no longer worried about sleeping with the light off.  In the same way, if people were to gradually understand that the LGBT community are humans just like all of us, then the tribalism would have diminished like that kid’s fear of the dark.