The controversial discussion about cultural appropriation.

You’re probably thinking: “What is cultural appropriation anyway? Or why is it important?” Cultural appropriation is a way of violating a minority culture’s identity to use for themselves as “trends”, believes it is acceptable. For example, What Rachel Dolezal had done was wrongly interfering with racial Identity. That’s what takes it too far.

Rachel Dolezal, a woman who had a great opportunity to become an activist for her community and a leader. She started off as a N.A.A.C.P president in Washington state in 2014 and was a African-American studies teacher, but there was a fallback. Turns out Rachel was a downright lie, her race, her parents almost everything. She was charged quite a lot of for welfare fraud and appeared in court in June of 2015. Unfortunately for her she was ratted out by her parents and brother around 2014 or 2015 claiming with proof Dolezal was not and had no black heritage within her family only her adopted brother was mixed with African heritage. from wearing box braids to cornrows and a lot more culture of the African-American community was “adopted” all by her in a matter inappropriate in order to achieve curls she had it permed and older pictures of her proved it all. This controversial action gave a reason for many people to be upset, it was and act of stealing racial identity for what? Who will know. In my opinion I believe stealing a racial identity should be brought to court in not identity fraud but something along those lines. Minor issues such as wearing or acting a certain way should not be taken that far, meanwhile, its still offensive.

Rachel in an After and Before photo.,316&ssl=1

Rachel isn’t the first or the last who has been involved. Famous Celebs such as Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea, Katy Perry and Gucci Mane. The have done the most from as I have read but in a least important matter, that is still pretty much controversial. Here’s what makes it controversial: wearing dreads or locks , using black women as props for a show, and twerking. Now, Miley was apart of this from 2013 to 2015 it caused so much back lash almost too much that other celebrity’s like Nicki Minaj had a comment about it. Nothing was really done although Miley did apologize but keeps doing stuff related today.

and even using an accent referred to a “black accent” or “acting black” which is not actually a good term for it at all because these are all stereotypical views, you can sometimes tell if a person on the phone or something because of where they are from not their race or in defense half the time it is that way or that person actually just make that accent such as Iggy Azalea is actually from Australia but has used how T.I had his music made.

Today in America’s society cultural appropriation and obstructing racial identity affects a lot of people such as the African-American, Native-American communities and many minorities along those lines. Being careful of what we say, react to or do can prevent this from offending anyone. In conclusion, haveing a good sense and awareness of what boundaries go beyond make a better lifestyle for all of us.