The Impact of Unbox Therapy

“The only thing that doesn’t change is change itself.” The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said this around 500 BCE.

Over two thousand years later, this has never been more true. Technology has been man’s most powerful weapon since the beginning of time. Without intuitive ideas and sparks of genius, humans would have gone extinct a long, long time ago. Findings in medicine, architecture, and even war are continuously changing the landscape of our day to day lives. These changes are now being well documented; with spread of information being faster and more widely available than ever before. This never ending cycle of news and intuitive technologies has created an unprecedented but understandable issue: the race to the next big thing. Who has the inside scoop? Who gets to debut the newest tech? This race for content is only fueled by the never ending changes in technology we still see today. This race for content, and the ever evolving internet has laid the stage for a specific group of people to rise to the top of their class.

Product reviews are everywhere. Everyday people share their experiences with products to make the buy for other people a little easier. It’s as easy as leaving a review on a restaurant to make a change in someone else’s chance of going there, for these reviews change the way things are perceived. Enough bad reviews can shut down a store just as enough good reviews can cement a company’s reputation. This becomes an unparalleled power when mixed with the race for content. The fast pace of new technology means that one bad review from a credible source can doom that product.

There are a few people with that type of power within the world of assessing new technologies. However, none are quite as impactful as Lewis George Hilsenteger. With a platform of 15 million, the Canadian YouTuber has amassed over 3 billion views and has given hundreds of reviews under his alias Unbox Therapy. Without question, his opinion obviously holds weight. No new relevant piece of technology goes past his desk without an honest review of the product. Even some flagship products have crashed and burned due to a negative review from the esteemed YouTuber. This one man army has an easy to understand standard: if a product is good; it gets a good review. If it’s bad, it will get a bad review. This black and white way of reviewing things has eliminated a lot of bias that comes with companies sending you their products. Even if the product is catered to Lewis himself, if the product is bad he will let you know. The never ending grind of discovering the next big thing can become irrelevant from him and his peers’ words alone.

This power of revision becomes a dangerous power in the hands of the wrong people. If Apple controlled what we thought of Apple ,we would never stop buying their phones. Luckily when it comes to assessing things such as phones, most reviewers have one thing in mind: you. At the end of the day, what gives these people their credibility is their ability to help everyday buyers make a decision. Whether that decision is to buy or not to depends on the product ⁠— but if they didn’t have your best interest in mind; they wouldn’t be trusted the way they are now.