Society keeps pushing perfection—and it isn’t helping.

Why is it too hard to love ourselves without being perfect? 

As high school students, we have all struggled with something within school. Whether it had been sports, academics or even the influence by friends.

Perfectionism is a problem that can make one overwhelmed; causing depression, stress, low self-esteem, distractions and judgmental occurrences. According to the ADAA: (Anxiety and Depression Association of America) author Shelia Achar Josephs, PhD psychologist from New Jersey, says that “Perfectionism tends to trigger a great deal of irrational thinking, which in turn serves to increase anxiety… perfectionists follow a rigid set of rules about how to behave…” She also claims about some of their High Achieving expectations in what is unreal or taken advantage of.

Below shows various types of perfectionism which effects many sides:

  • Self-oriented perfectionism: putting an unrealistic desire for perfection on the individual themselves.
  • Other-oriented perfectionism: leaving an ideal for of perfection on another individual
  • Socially-prescribed perfectionism: wanting perfection from a society itself.

 Unfortunately, ‘being perfect’ is seen as a positive trait given to being successful and psychologically affects the mind, following what Josephs said. Going along with that you could lose train of thought and be focused on this one subject or position, not giving a care of what everyone else has in mind. Think of what causes you to stay distant from what your trying to stay ahead on but can’t. Is it procrastination, personal, those your surrounded by, anxiety, fear, lost or low self-control? 


1. Set goals or boundaries.

2. Have self-control; This could be:

  • Having your own approval before anyone else
  • Challenging yourself to a comfortable extent

3. Get motivated! — as in:

  • Start and end your day off happy
  • Take breaks still having your priorities in mind

4. FORGET social media.

  • Its only a blind covering a true image-half the time- also just causes more tension with either yourself or friends/family.
  • Don’t truly keep yourself stranded it because it can support in different ways.