2020 Sweet Social

2020 Sweet Social

Each semester, the Student Council hosts social events for the student body to voice their interests, opinions, or feelings concerning the school. StuCo representatives from each grade level indulge in one-on-one sit-downs and facilitate discussion with their peers. Complemented by snacks and refreshments, it’s a period of relaxation after school and an opportunity for students to socialize with their StuCo representatives, while suggesting solutions to their concerns. In summary, it’s where StuCo links the students with the administration team by listening to the student’s needs, concerns, problems, solutions, and excitement about Liberty’s current academic, social, and professional atmosphere. It is StuCo’s job to relay that information to the administration team and work to implement the ideas they heard. 

Last semester, StuCo hosted Liberty’s first “Flapjack Fiesta” and served free pancakes to students, and sat down with them to talk about ways the school could improve. The pancakes were homemade, thus emphasizing the personal level StuCo hopes to obtain with their outreach events. In addition, the versatility of homemade pancakes made it so much more fun! StuCo members were expected to befriend as many of their peers as possible, engage in deep conversations outside of conventional discussion starters (thus establishing personal relationships), encourage students to be more engaged in school-related events and school spirit, and actively listen to ideas and recommendations made by students. StuCo members can also give extra information on upcoming dances, events, activities, etc., or give tips on how to apply to the Student Council for interested students. 

On February 12, StuCo hosted the 2020 “Sweet Social”: They served frozen yogurt catered from LuLu’s, with toppings and cookies and every StuCo member present to engage in conversations. Every person that attended was handed a ticket and had to have it signed by a StuCo member before receiving yogurt. This way, students were encouraged to open up with representatives, and earned a sweet incentive for their time! 

“Who doesn’t like free frozen yogurt?” says one sophomore. “And I think it’s cool that we can give our opinions on things we care about. [I] feel heard that way.” 

The event lasted less than half an hour, but it was meaningful and left students buzzing with excitement for the next one. On one end, students had an opportunity to personally know their Student Council representatives, and on the other end, the Student Council got new ideas for next time.